The Writing You Would Like to See

One of the things I would like to do with the writing desk is post up stories that I’m still noodling around with — character studies, scraps of short fiction, posts talking through the process of setting up character, theme, plot. I realize the dangers of talking an idea out of existence, but I think with these it might help to have a bit of feedback from folks. The public forum would also encourage me to push through any resistance to make sure something goes up here every Friday.

To that end, I’d like to ask you what you’d like to read. Please take a moment or two to read through the synopses below and vote in the poll afterwards to let me know what you’d like me to write on Fridays for the month of February. By telling me what you would like to read, I can get a better sense of what you guys would be most engaged by. I’ve got three different ideas to move forward on, all featuring stories that I’ve written about here before. Now’s the time to take another pass at a deep dive for them:

Sarah Rhinehart comes from a broken and abused family, so she figures the visions that she sees are just her way of dealing with the horror of a monstrous father every day. However, when they start to bleed over into aspects of her life they’ve never been before — and when other people acknowledge their existence — she begins to think that something else entirely is going on.

This Chimerical Life
The Earth is under attack. Immense, mysterious alien beings have taken up residence in our oceans, and every once in a while invade our coasts. The people unlucky enough to come into contact with them during an incursion end up…changed. Matthew is one of those people, and must now face the horrifying, alienating experience of a transformation that will force him out of his old life into something new.

Origin Story
Bryan Boyd is a harried undergrad working on his English degree. While working on a newspaper assignment at Claw and Atom — the pre-eminent science and research company in the country — a strange set of circumstances lead him quickly into an insane world where his understanding of the way the world works is completely upended. What’s worse, he just might be the vanguard of the next stage of evolution for sentient life…

Of course, none of these three settings might be grabbing you; if there’s another playground you’d like to see me working in, let me know in the comments!

One thought on “The Writing You Would Like to See

  1. Hi!

    I like “Sleepwalkers,” as the starting point of something very real world could I think make it all the more real to the reader. And part of Sarah’s problems are so very like those that real people might face. So it is a good blend of the fantastic and the real.


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