Why Does a Rabbit Need a Writing Desk Anyway?

Rabbits have things to get off their fluffy little brains too, you know. For example, what does our popular culture say about us? How does the way we tell stories intersect with the fundamental beliefs we hold about the world? What link do the big questions of life have with the popcorn blockbuster that just made a billion dollars in cineplexes over the weekend?

Stories are one of the basic things we use to pass down our beliefs about the world around us; even though we’re telling an astonishing variety of stories in a host of different ways, that singular truth hasn’t changed. Books, television shows, movies, comics, plays and poems all seek to teach us, to entertain us, to plug us in to each other and the world around us. It’s one of the most important things we do. It’s the gift of the sapient being.

The Writing Desk is the place where theories, musings and reactions to stories all intersect to foster a discussion about just the hows, whys and whats of storytelling. Knowing the place stories have in our lives can help us look beyond the mere entertainment value, to the beating heart of what one person (or group of people) is saying to another. It can help us to be smarter and wiser about our stories, no matter how light they might seem. I’d love for The Writing Desk to be a cool place where we got together and talked about stories, especially in ways that other people might not think of them.

2 thoughts on “Why Does a Rabbit Need a Writing Desk Anyway?

  1. You mind if I leave some links from time to time about your blog topics in my social media feeds?
    I want to read more topics on your site when I have the time.
    Enjoy the day.

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