Holiday Hours

I decided to hold off on putting up a new part of “An Origin Story” today, simply because so many folks are going to be knee-deep in Midwest Fur Fest anyway. This’ll give me a little bit of extra time to polish the next few parts over the weekend anyway, so I’m glad to have the slight delay. I wanted to make up for the lack of Friday Fiction this week with two parts next week, but there’s that pesky little Thanksgiving holiday to worry about.

So I’ll be squeezing in my posts next week: Monday I’ll talk about something or other (knowing me, diet since that’s the thing that’s been occupying my mind as of late), while the next AFI Top 100 review — for Some Like It Hot — will be coming on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. That day, I’ll post the second part of “An Origin Story”. Thanksgiving and Black Friday will be totally free.

The week after that I’ll post two parts of “An Origin Story” to catch up to things, and then we’ll resume our normal schedule here before the Christmas break. For now, have a great weekend you guys — whether you’re in Chicago or somewhere else!

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