February 2013 – The Plan

Writing 150One of the things I learned last month is that my writing practice hasn’t developed enough that I can simply write through unusual circumstances. I’ll need to plan around stretches of time where I know I’ll have company or will need to travel. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll never learn to write when there’s something else going on; it just means that I can’t count on it right now.

Thankfully, there’ll be fewer ‘interruptions’ of that nature this month. We’ve got the honor of having our last bit of Further Confusion 2013 company coming later this week, and Ryan and I will be cooking for each other and watching a movie for Valentine’s Day. But beyond that, things should finally start to settle down.

I only managed to complete one short story last month, so even though this is a shorter month I’m going to try for completing three of them. I’ve already started short story #2 (The Tough Fit), and hopefully I can knock that out in a few more days. The other short story I was using to test my commission model has been moved to this month as well, and once I’m done with #2, I’ll get in touch with my friend to see what he would like to do. Finally, I’d like to get an earlier jump on my short story for Megamorphics, so short story #4 will be the third part of “The Bite” for that.

In addition to those short stories, I’ll definitely be trying to update my notes from the writing desk three times a week — one AFI top 100 movie review, one Thursday Prompt short fiction, and one “general” post about writing, reading, spirituality, or life. I’m curious about which entries people find the most interesting, actually — is there anything you’d like to see me writing more about here? Ask, and you shall receive!

Finally, I’ll be running my Pathfinder game once or twice this month, and that will take a certain measure of preparation. I have a great bunch of guys playing with me, and they demand me to bring my A game. I haven’t spoken much about that, but it’s hard to articulate the naked fear I have before every game and the relief and elation over what they’re doing afterwards.

So that’s that. The plan is: short stories #2 – #4 by the end of the month, the Writing Desk updated three times a week, and my Pathfinder game twice this month. It’ll definitely be a full month and a good stretch to pull it off, but it’s less ambitious than January. Wish me luck, folks; I’m going in.

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